I was just thinking back to my childhood. There were a fair few adventures that I had as a child which I barely remember. Even if I remember the adventures themselves, I don't remember the exact locations. Lastly, even when I remember the locations, I don't know if I'll ever go to those places again.

My childhood was spent traveling to and living in all the corners of India, thanks to my Dad's job. It was an amazing adventure in itself to be in a new place and to make new friends every 2 years. Though it later dawned on me that it also meant I'd never have a set of fixed best friends for life, to this day I look back fondly on those moves and exploration.

There's a particular instance which I was remembering just now - as a child in a city called Kharagpur, in the Indian state of West Bengal, I used to run off with my friend and play for hours at end. On one instance, we forgot all about time and family and ended up playing in a ditch with a narrow stream of water for the entire evening, till our parents came looking for us, worried expressions on their faces. I think the time was almost 8 pm. We'd been playing for three or so hours and had no idea that our parents had organized a search party to look for two lost kids.

I would love to visit that ditch one day. If only to stare at it and tell myself that yeah, that happened.