I got irritated by Ghost's web interface not having autocapitalization in iOS Safari. What this means is that at the beginning of a new sentence, the first character isn't automatically capitalized. So I constantly have to use the Shift button on mobile.

This isn't so much an issue on desktop, but on mobile, we're so used to the keyboard taking care of certain things for us, that we register them only when they go wrong. Something about any sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic, or something...

So as part of my irritation, I started dreaming of moving to a different CMS. Then I got bored of that quest and decided against it. I also poked around and changed the theme on this site. Just experimenting.

I recently spotted that the excellent iOS app Drafts has a new Ghost integration which they'd love for you to try. Except it's part of the paid plan and I don't use Drafts enough to warrant paying for it. It's a chicken and egg problem where if I don't start using it, I won't feel the need to use it. It's not on the first page of my phone or the last (the two most used pages). It's in the middle, where things go to get lost and remembered only when needed.

Anyways, enough excursions towards unknown lands. Back to what we have in front of us.