Twenty First


Aha! It's almost 10 pm and I'm going to fall asleep any minute now! Was almost about to miss out on today's post.

Luckily, I just sat down to read some, and with that relaxation, came the realization that there's another interesting thing I wanted to do.

Good thing too, because today I wanted to talk about traveling. Specifically, traveling for work. I know it's a big part of American Western culture. Some people proudly say that they travel for hours to get to work.

But that has always seemed silly to me. Maybe because I've lived my life in a string of small towns and cities where a commute meant going out of town altogether? When I think of the idea of traveling for anything more than half an hour for work, I simply cease to think of that as a daily commute and think of it more in terms of time that must be filled with some other activity.

That has its pros and cons. I've done it before in my childhood and youth, where I had long commutes to get to school and back. That gave me ample time to read books, without realizing that it meant my eyesight would be ruined for life.

It also means that I have to decide what to spend my time on. For a long time, before COVID, my commute meant I'd listen to the podcast Philosophize This. But now, I want to listen to audiobooks. It's a little painful because I love that podcast and want to continue listening to it. I even have a backlog of twenty or thirty episodes. But I just can't bring myself to drop my streak of book reading/listening.

Maybe I should alternate - in the morning, listen to the podcast, in the evening, to an audiobook? Might be my best bet to listen to most of what I want to. I say most, not everything, because there's always an immense backlog of things to do, articles to read, books, movies, TV shows, YouTube videos to go through and laugh, learn, be inspired, and understand more deeply. But who the heck has all that time??