Utterly loved the below comic in today's Tribune Content Agency feed. I find the feed to be very interesting. It's an uncensored look at everything the Agency puts out. Often, there is competing or incendiary commentary in the feed. But I see the Agency as an aggregator. So it's fine and there's no reason to be ranting or raving. Now, the editorializing of the content is done by the news distributors - newspapers mostly, but also magazines, I suppose. So to comment on the fact that they picked up a particular piece of content is completely valid.

That said, I don't actually know who picks up the Agency's content. I've never bothered to go looking. Specifically because I don't want to interact with media properties who pick up the incendiary content to push ad dollars.

Is it more ethical to be selling the content to companies rather than to be selling it to end-consumers along with ads?

In the words of Jack Reacher - No.